This past weekend my friend and I went ziplining in NC.

We were paired with a great family. Mom, Dad, and two teen daughters. The way ziplining works is that there are several platforms that go from tree to tree up high in the forest. The views are great if you have a chance to look around. There are a couple of runs before there is a bailout, and once you pass the bailout, you are committed, like you can’t get down without going through the trees on a thin wire in the air! The platforms are small and there are several people on the platform at a time. So, you get to know your fellow zipliners pretty well.

The mom of the group was extremely nervous. She was terrified of heights and ziplining in general. Her daughters and husband had devised a plan for her to be in between the group so that she wouldn’t be too afraid. We came to the bailout platform. She had the option of getting down and walking to the safety and warmth of the Sapphire Valley resort or committing and staying with us through the rest of the platforms.

She was there and she didn’t want her daughters to see her not do a thing. She looked at me and said. “I have to do what I am afraid of and just keep doing it so I won’t be afraid anymore.” Wow. It hit me how profound it was for her to do this ziplining activity. Once she made that commitment, there was nothing else to be done, but continue from tree to tree. Commitment makes it easy, there might still be fear but you’re in. This mom made the decision to commit to the course. She was able to be in the moment with her family, to face her fears head-on and to enjoy the experience.

I loved that for her and for her girls to see their mom doing something that scared her and do it anyway. And the truth is that she had fun.

She had to have a conversation with herself about doing what scared her. She had to commit. She had to keep going! What a great lesson she taught me and everyone on that platform.