I don’t know if you realize how important you are to your community. As a small business owner, you are not just serving your clients. You are a wealth of information and resources for your friends and family. You are generating sales, promoting the growth of other businesses, and you are developing relationships that benefit not just you or other business, but people throughout your community.

As a business owner, I strive to continually develop relationships with other small business owners and members of the community. Through these efforts, I built a relationship with a local auto mechanic that I found to be fair and honest, and recently, I was able to refer a friend’s daughter having issues with a vehicle. While this example seems fairly simple and commonplace, have you ever really thought about the peace of mind this brought my friend and the long-term ripple effect this will have for the mechanic?

You may not realize how powerful the word of mouth is, but we each become a resource to other friends and families in our communities. We make an impact on our community! Our impact within our community and the circle of influence grows exponentially with each of these seemingly insignificant events… think “Butterfly Effect!” 

I know it can be daunting to own a local small business, trust me, I know. I know there are struggles and deep seated fears that keep you up at night, but I want you to be encouraged that by simply opening the doors of your business, you have, and continue to, change the lives of those closest to you. The ripple affect continues far longer, and runs deeper, that we often realize it does.

I want you to know that YOU make a difference in your community. YOU create business for others in your community. By putting all of your heart into your business, YOU impact the world around you.  By constantly learning and taking that knowledge into the world, YOU are a game changer. Thank you!!!

Thank you for taking that huge leap of faith and giving of yourself to your community and to your world.

CoWorking brings all the resources that you and your other colleagues have to offer into one cohesive workspace.  It’s an effective and powerful small business resource. Come and visit CoWork Landing and see the development and growth potential you have for yourself and your community.