Have you ever put together a puzzle?

Perhaps you love puzzles as an adult. Maybe you haven’t put one together since you were a kid or maybe helped your own children put together a puzzle recently. Whatever the case may be you know the deal with a puzzle. You get this huge box of jumbled up pieces with all these varied shapes and a picture on the box of what it is supposed to look like when you are done.

Whatever your strategy is for putting it together you know that your goal is for the jumbled mess to begin to come together to create this picture that is on the box in front of you. When you find 2 pieces that fit, you get excited because you can begin to see the picture coming together. It is so fun to do this with kids and watch them light up when they finally get a piece in place.

I think we are like that, as individuals, businesses, families. We are a piece of this huge puzzle of our community and our world. Each one of us is completely different and we fit well with other pieces to make a clearer picture. We are NEEDED to complete our specific purpose and to connect others together as well. The picture does not work without your piece!

Isn’t that a great visual for your place in the world. Your piece of the puzzle. There is no other piece that will work in your spot, it is yours alone to fill, to connect. Sometimes we are busy looking around, thinking someone else needs to fill that space or perhaps a different shape piece will fit. Wrong! What you bring to the space is the exact right thing. Trust that and as you fill your spot inside the picture, help others know that what they bring is something unique and perfect for it’s own place in the puzzle.

Next time you do a puzzle, understand the importance of your individual piece to make up the whole beautiful picture that is in front of you. Becoming a part of the IGS community will help you connect your puzzle piece with those around you to create that bigger picture. Learn more about how to join us today.