I was inspired over the past couple of years by my friend Jen Trundy to have my “word” for the year instead of resolutions.  Last year my word was determined.  And let’s take a look back at 2015…

I turned 40, I accomplished 40 days of 40 Random Acts of Kindness.  I lost a very deep friendship and a very treasured friend died of cancer.  I quit the job I have had for past 9 years to jump into something completely unknown, unchartered territory that terrifies me.  I have made several new friends, my oldest daughter obtained her driver’s permit.  I met a man and entered into a very healthy and happy relationship.  I have read over 20 books.  I traveled to Las Vegas, Jackson Hole, Wy and Tucson, AZ.  I competed in a sprint triathlon and beat my goal of 1:30 by 6 minutes (and most importantly did NOT die in the water, which I felt sure was going to happen seeing that there was a storm coming in and we were the last group in the water.)  I registered for a 15k to run in 2016.  I competed in a 5k and beat my avg time by almost 2 min per mile.  I discovered the sprilizer to make veges into noodles.  I repainted furniture in my bedroom and redecorated it.

No one in my household ended up in the ER, which is saying something since we were there 3 times in 2014.  I attended several trainings for finances.  I joined 2 new groups in Tampa to learn and give back.  I bought new running shoes that allow me to run faster and be in less pain.  I had lunch with my brother 12 times this year to continue to honor my Dad’s influence in our lives and to catch up with each other.  I locked my keys in my car, only once when I was babysitting my niece and we welcomed 3 new members to our book club.

It was a very determined and busy year.

This year my word is “intentional”.  I like to use the current tense so that there is no mistaking that I will not try, I will do.  I am laying claim to all that is in store and that I manifest this year so 2016 I am….

Intentional with my finances

Intentional with my relationships

Intentional with my business

Intentional with my time

Intentional with my habits

Intentional in my activities