For some reason writing on my blog presents a huge hurdle for me.  It’s on my list almost daily (although I only plan to post weekly) but for some reason it seems like the huge thing that I continue to put off until tomorrow.  It’s such a small thing and I am unsure why it presents such a stumbling block for me.  Perhaps it’s because I want to be profound and witty and for it be be beneficial and I am unsure what kind of benefit it could add to anyone so I put it off.  So, today I decided to run the race set before me, with such a great cloud of witnesses (or no witnesses as the case may be, ha!) and see what leaps off the page!

I am training for a 15K right now.  I have never run more than a 5k, even in practice.  I dedicated myself to doing this with my brother for team freedom.  Thank goodness I got myself some new running shoes because my other ones had HOLES in them, actual holes!  Anyway, the point is that I have never enjoyed running, for one thing I think I look like a freak when I run, being that I’m 5’10” and am not a graceful runner but none-the-less, I jumped in one night after a couple of glasses of wine and registered so here I am committed to not only fundraising but running 15k……..  I have discovered over the past 5 months that I, in fact, think really well when I run, more linear than I do when I’m driving.  So, while I was doing a short run yesterday that was on my training schedule that I downloaded, I was thinking about those 15k and I immediately was winded and tired and wondered what on earth I was thinking, 3 miles is hard enough for me, how can I run almost 10 miles at one time.  Then I had to actually stop running and start walking because I was so daunted.  Ok,  Shannon, time to regroup.  I’m in training.  I can’t run 10 miles right now, that’s WHY I’m training.  I have a goal of 9.3 miles on February 20th but right now it’s December 29th so I have to focus on the mile I am in.  I can finish this run, I can finish it strong and I will track it on my runkeeper app.  For that day, that is all I had to complete.  Just that one run.

There was a much bigger picture for me on this run.  I am daunted by creating a business that is highly successful and will change the world and when I think about the implications and what that even looks like and how far I have to go, I briefly get analysis paralysis and find it hard to keep moving so I have to remember that I have this huge goal, this really difficult journey but I have to put that away and know that it’s out there but focus on the mile I am in.  No I can’t do it right now, but I can focus on what is right in front of me, what I can do right now, which will lead me to the ultimate goal.  Focus on the mile I am in, know the result I am after and grind, every day toward that!  oh….and very importantly make sure I have good shoes that will sustain my posture, my legs and my strength.  For running it’s actually the shoes, for my destiny, it’s God’s sustaining power and strength for the path He is leading me on.