Who do you surround yourself with? Are they the people who live the kind of life you aspire to? Are they growing? Are they challenging you?

Are they living on purpose?

I am so fortunate in that I have 2 very dear friends who, not only hold me upright when I fall but also hold me accountable to being all that I am meant to be. They are also successful, constantly learning and challenging themselves. Our relationship has changed over the years, but we have grown together and found a real synergy of effort. The beauty part is being able to look at ourselves over the past several years and see stronger individuals, more successful with richer personal lives than when we came into the relationship.

It takes an effort and energy in developing and maintaining these intentional relationships. I have one friend who was my “party buddy”, but when I looked harder at the relationship, I realized how much better served we would both be with a different kind of relationship. He is now my running partner! We hold each other accountable to get out and run (healthy) and we get time to talk through ideas and business. We push each other to work harder to achieve our goals.

Take a very close look at the 5 people who are closest to and ask yourself some very hard questions to make sure you are involved in relationships that are propelling you forward.

I just finished the book “The Slight Edge”. ((I would highly recommend reading this book in conjunction with any other personal development books you read)). The reason being that it expands on the idea that every single decision you make (including relationships) is either promoting you or exposing you. So, it is a great companion for the other personal development books that you read because you can apply what you learn on a small scale every day to continuously improve yourself, your business and your network.

The reason I asked about your relationships is because those people that you chose to surround yourself with is who you are or will become, their thoughts, ideas and emotions all tie in to who you are. Based on that, are there relationships that you want to develop? Are there relationships that you can change the dynamics of to grow in exciting ways?

When looking into the relationships you have or want to foster ask yourself “how can I offer value to this person” “what can I learn from them”.

Ask yourself honestly what type of relationship you want? Business relationship. A friendship. A romance. An accountability partner. A running partner…….

You can foster relationships that inspire and encourage you to become ALL that you want to become. CoWork Landing in Brandon FL can help you foster those relationships that encourage and inspire you.

Your job is to very intentional with whom you chose to develop a relationship and to make time and use energy toward those relationships. Quality relationships make you rich beyond measure!