Last week, I signed up to hold a political sign on the street corner for a friend of mine, running for judge in Hillsborough County.…… Needless to say, this type of adventure is NOT in my comfort zone! If there had been someone out there with me, maybe, but alas it was just me and my sign and my thoughts…..Oh boy!

So here are some things I observed while I was campaigning.

Control your experience – Seriously, picture this, I was on a busy, mostly residential street in the Brandon area, I was the only person on the sidewalk. Not only that, but I’m 5’10” was wearing a blue dress so I tend to stand out.

When I first got out there, I hid my face behind the sign I was holding. I stared at my phone and hid my face. I was afraid to be seen, to see who might pass by that I knew or didn’t know, they’re all pretty scary. But then I forced myself to put the sign down. I forced myself to put the phone down (after the proverbial selfie, of course) and I looked at the cars driving by. I was afraid to be seen that then I got focused on being uncomfortable and why I felt that way and I looked out to the humanity that was passing me by!

I wondered where they were going, what they were thinking and as I watched, I realized that no one was actually thinking about the tall girl in the blue dress holding the sign. They were thinking about themselves and what was going on in their world.
That was quite liberating. It’s not about me, is it?

You control where your mind goes. If I allowed my brain to focus on the heat (dear Lord the heat) or how uncomfortable it was to be alone and be so tall….(why did God make me so tall??) And the fact that I was actually standing on the street corner. Haha. Then I wouldn’t have been present in that moment. I decided to remain in the moment and consider what a wonderful country I live in, how much I love my home, my spectacular girls and the opportunity to support a dear friend as he chased his dream.

And then I began to dream. What did I want my life to look like in 5 years? Where do I want to be? What do I want to do be doing? What a wonderful opportunity to dream. I had nothing else I could do, really. If I stayed buried in my phone then I would’ve been watching everyone else live their lives without giving myself permission to dream to be an active participant in creating this life!

Get out of your phone. Get off social media and get back to dreaming, to being present, to being ok being seen.
Allow yourself time to cry, to laugh to love to have a life.