You know the experience when you have never heard of a product.  You buy said product on your own and then all of the sudden you see that product everywhere?  Once we have an awareness of something, it seems to be everywhere and if you are smart, you dig a bit deeper and learn more about that product.  Co-working spaces have become that product for me.  I had never heard of such a thing 1 year ago and today I am building my own!

The amazing thing about the internet is how you can find one article on one page and that can open up a whole world of information on 25 different sites with innovative entrepreneurs who have found that the new way to work is to co-work!  I have inundated myself with co-working spaces, space design, space owners, ambassadors of this new way of working , yet it is still such a new concept that we have to explain to people what it is, and more importantly why it would be beneficial to someone who works from home.

A co-working space can be likened to a gym for people who work from home.  Freelancers, entrepreneurs, remote workers.  All folks who put in a long day in their home office.  The co-working space is a place for them to work when they venture out into the world.  A place where other people are working alongside them just not with them.  It is like working at Starbucks except for the fact that it is acceptable and even encouraged to collaborate or visit with someone new while they are working.

The wonderful piece of the puzzle that IGS has added is personal/professional development programs for everyone from the bank VP to the start-up business who has a great passion but not a community to help them build and grow.  Both of these businesses need the development piece of that puzzle and can add their own creativity to the whole community.  Co-workers and community members sustain one another during the difficult journey and cheer on the innovator who is gaining momentum on his path.  I have chosen to build this community first, before I open a space.  I want to be surrounded by people who are constantly moving forward, intentionally improving themselves, learning, developing, and growing.  The only way we can stay relevant is to surround ourselves with opportunities and possibilities for development.  And to use our own knowledge and strengths to help guide others on their path.  Can you imagine a community and in the future an office, where all the members have chosen to put themselves in a growth position.  I have imagined this community.  It is like a mighty oak forest that has grown from just a few tiny acorns that grows into a forest that changes the landscape of an entire community.  IGS has that capacity from a few committed community members into a space that changes the world and the way we work and grow together.

I have run into a few entrepreneurs who have decidedly not been able to see why you would pay to work in an “office”, when the beauty part of working from home is being able to stay in your pjs to work.   But I have run into a lot more people who say that working from home is very isolating.  They miss collaborating.  They miss getting ideas or giving ideas.  They miss simply interacting during the day.  Here is some info from the research I have completed on why co-working may be just the thing for you: according to

You Can Increase Your Sales

One of the advantages of co-working is networking.

Beautiful Spaces Improve Your Creativity

Our routine and workspace affect our creativity. You can quickly burn out if you’re always at home.


You Could Save on Lattes

Imagine that when you work from home, you have the need to get out of the house. You may have had an unproductive day, so you decide to switch it up and work from another location. You pack up your laptop and go to your nearest coffee shop. It’s a good change of pace and you feel more focus on your work.

You’ll Feel Encouraged to Succeed

When you’re working solo, sometimes it’s hard to stay motivated. That’s one reason to find a mastermind group, a mentor or an accountability partner. Using a coworking space could be a good way to find this group of people.

Productivity Is Worth the Extra Cost

A coworking space is an extra cost, however, if you become more productive you will very likely have a lot more money in the bank to invest in your career.

Please feel free to ask me questions, pass along this information and join me in creating the community!