What does success look like? If we look outside of ourselves, to the world, it looks like a million bucks! It looks like you have all your stuff together and are always on top of everything. Business, family, finances……..

What does success look like for you? That is the question you should ask and answer. I recently joined a group of business owners, in Tampa and during the discussion we had, I realized that entrepreneurs are mostly a little nuts. Our definition of success varies from person to person and we must learn from other people in the room. We must be oriented toward growth, we need to be around other people on the same journey, so we can collaborate and we can know we are not alone in our struggle to make something work or find a way around a problem. And most importantly to celebrate our successes, as much as they may or in whatever realm we are working in!

Being an entrepreneur requires soul searching and definitely causes doubts, regularly. What am I am doing? Why am I doing it? Am I qualified? Worthy of success? It is certainly not for the person who needs validation, because that comes rarely, especially in the beginning. We want to make a mark on the world, turn our passion into a business and help more people. We can’t do that by being perfect, we can only do that, by

  1. being open to possibilities,
  2. being open to intentional relationships that help us grow
  3. using each experience (success and failure) as a tool for growth.
  4. walking into any situation with the mindset that “I don’t know what is going to happen here, but it is going to be good”

You can also make sure you learn from each person you talk to. I have learned about so many unique businesses and learned from watching great sales people. I continue to learn from my best friends and also people I don’t like very much….Being open to possibilities and open to learning and constantly growing, we place ourselves in a much better position for success!

For years my definition of success looked like a million bucks, which that meant I wasn’t successful. But in looking back, I have been very successful in a different realm. If you think you are not successful, I encourage you take a different approach. What success means to you is different than what it means to me. I think it also changes as we grow in our journey. My success journey looks totally different than yours and that’s ok. Find a way to encourage those around you, find a way to celebrate even a small success, you may need it to move through this journey!

Learn from everyone around you and surround yourself only with people who will help you grow with encouragement and accountability.

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