We have launched Intentional Growth Strategies.  Tuesday marked our first lunch and learn with Rich Bishop speaking to us about Child-Like Leadership.  He left us with several good points to remember as we lead others.  I was able to share my story with how Intentional Growth Strategies came to be and connect with a group of friends about the vision of the company.  We were so excited with the positive feedback and what we can do to improve the next lunch and learn.

I have taken a huge leap of faith into the great unknown and chosen the path of most resistance, at 40.  I have left my job of 10 years to pursue intentional growth and I don’t know exactly where that path is going to lead me but I do know that our vision is grand, it is scary and we have fully embraced the unknown that lies before us.  Would love you to join us on this journey.  Let us know what types of ways you want to intentionally grow.  How we can build a community that benefits you and in turn benefits society?  How do you want to collaborate?  How do you want to work?