Did you know that Vulnerability is key for any business relationship?

Last week I was in a conversation when I couldn’t quite grasp why I was feeling such angst. I was talking to a friend and I left the conversation feeling uninspired and I couldn’t quite figure out what it was about the conversation that had me frustrated and as I considered all the angles I realized it is because I can offer no value to this person. They were able to offer me great advice, really thorough and sound guidance, but they had all the pieces to their puzzle figured out and I had nothing to offer.

Now, if you’re paying someone to help you in that capacity then you get your money’s worth. But if you want a relationship, business or personal, then there has to be value both ways, right?

Think in terms of not only what you can offer me, but what I can offer you?

Ask yourself, how can you bring value to the relationship?

As much as society offers reverence to “having yourself together”, when it comes down to relationships in business or personal, you tend to pull away from those where you can offer no value to the other person.

If the advice is always given and never sought, then as wonderful as you probably are and as much as your advice is appreciated, they will seek relationships with those with whom they feel an equilibrium. In other words, those relationships where they know they can bring as much value as you do, but in a different capacity.

People value vulnerability in relationships because that is how they grow as business owners and as individuals, through the relationships that are created with their peers and colleagues.

When you enter into a relationship where you don’t just give, but seek help, guidance, and authenticity in the other person, you learn more about yourself and the world around you. My hope with the IGS community and the opening of our co-working space in Brandon, FL is that we will all work together to create an environment where vulnerability is not just ok, but encouraged for the growth of everyone.

Have you an experience where you felt you were being too vulnerable and what effect did that conversation have on the relationship you have with the other person, be it personal or business?