I recently had the floors redone in my house and because of that, ALL my “stuff” had to be moved out of the main rooms in my house. (Everything off the floor).

What a great time to purge, right? RIGHT!

I had a large piece of furniture that held my tv and all the “stuff” in my family room, I purchased this piece of furniture when I moved into the house over 20 years ago. I recently painted this monstrosity and was quite proud of myself for transforming the huge entertainment center. As it got closer to getting new floors, I began to assess the aesthetics of the entertainment center. I walked by it every day for 2 weeks I realized how large it was, how out of date it was . At the end of the day, I didn’t like it anymore. It felt out of place and old! It no longer served my needs.

It was really hard for me to get rid of, because, after all, it had been with me for 20 years. It just was a part of the landscape of my family room. So, I asked the flooring guys to haul it away for me. Man, did that feel GREAT!

Once the new floors were in there were several decorating items that I didn’t like anymore. I was keeping them simply because they had always just been. They were just part of the house. Presumably, when I bought them, I liked them, but I didn’t like them anymore. I kinda felt bad about that. Like I SHOULD like them because it had been a gift or someone had said I needed it in my house or simply because I had spent money on the items.

There was a large framed picture that has been hanging in my living room for years! It was a gift from a class that I had taught at my church. I didn’t like the picture, I didn’t like the frame. It didn’t suit me anymore. I took it down and found a different, more vibrant picture, one that had been sitting in my den that brought me joy. One that was way more “me” and I placed it where the other picture had been.

This was a big deal for me. It was so strange to be ok with replacing the picture. I realized there were several “things” I had been holding on to simply because I liked them at one time (a long time ago) or because they were just part of my home décor, I was on a roll, I was ready to purge.

I started going through my house and tossing stuff I didn’t like. Stuff that was no longer “me”. It felt strange at first but then I began to enjoy the process of removing things that no longer served me. It took effort, some muscle (because some of the stuff was heavy) and some other people to help (because some stuff was too big to move on my own).

Now, I love my home again. The new floors are simply gorgeous! And it is looking more and more like me. The new me, not the “me” who moved in 20 years ago.

What are you holding on to that doesn’t serve you anymore? Not just physical stuff, but mental, emotional stuff. Mindsets, habits, relationships, that no longer serve the “new you”. The you that you are trying to become? Is there anything that you have hidden in the back room, that you love but didn’t have a place for and now that you have reworked your mindset you need to bring it to the forefront and not shy away from it?

Take this opportunity to purge. Take inventory of “stuff” that no longer has a place in your life, in your home, in your heart. What no longer serves you?

Once you purge the stuff that no longer serves you, it’s time to replace it with joy. What brings you joy? How do you make sure that becomes part of your life.

Need help in assessing things that no longer serve you in business or personally? I would love to help you with your assessment and creating those new experiences that will bring you joy.