Things just don’t go as planned, do they?

The build out went great and I spent much of these last 3 weeks painting, drilling, cleaning and putting together an office full of furniture.

It has been very gratifying to see if come together. Monday and Tuesday, we had a great turn out of business owners stopping in to see the space and discuss their business needs. I have been very impressed with the entrepreneurs in our community who work from home and value collaboration and opportunity to work among other entrepreneurs.

Then…….Hermine blew into town and slowed things WAY down. I had to just take a moment and appreciate the fact that storms are inevitable. There is no way to stop them, turn them around or rage against them. Complaining does no good either, does it?

So, what can we learn in the midst of this storm?

1. Learn to laugh.
2. Find the good in the midst of the downpour. Last night we lost power at my house for an hour or so and my teenage daughters came to my room. It was the middle of the night and I was exhausted. It was beginning to get still and warm. I could have focused the discomfort, complained about the lack of power but I made a decision to focus on the positive. I had BOTH of my teens in my bed chatting. It was a rare and precious moment and I focused on that opportunity instead of the discomfort of the situation. Because of my shift in focus, the hour went by quickly and we had a great time together.
3. Use the storm to your advantage…….what does that mean? Obviously, I am using the storm as a metaphor for many things that come up in life that aren’t expected or wanted. There are always ways we can improve our lives, our families, etc. How can use the “downtime” to your best advantage. In the case of the actual storm…. Hermine, I am sitting at my computer getting much of my to-do list done due to not being able to be out marketing, which is what I WANT to be doing.
4. Give yourself a break and do something silly! Why not, it feels good, lifts your spirits and gives you energy to keep going in the midst of the mess.

After the storm has passed, stop in to CoWork Landing in Brandon to replenish your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit with others who have been through their own storm!