I came up with idea of IGS being a acorn when I was running, listening to TD Jakes podcast.  Apparently God knew that I needed to understand that I starting off as a tiny acorn and cannot hope to grow into a might oak tree over night.  So, in continuing to identify with the acorn I found myself understanding more and more what an acorn has to go through to become an oak tree.

First, it has to be planted in just the right location, then it needs to be cultivated by watering it and good soil and only then will it grow roots to pop out of the ground as the tiniest of saplings, but the roots underneath are what is important.  Those roots help the sapling continue to grow into a small tree, whose trunk is thin and branches small.  Then the young tree will see many seasons where the leaves will grow, the branches thicken.  Then fall comes and the leaves fall off which gives way to winter when it is barren and looks stark against the sky, and into spring again when it will renew itself with new growth and roots will grow deeper still and over the years through the seasons and changes, if that oak tree is mighty and has withstood the seasons, if the roots are established enough, it will be a mighty oak and if we don’t pay attention, we look at it and wonder how it grew so quickly but we didn’t see all the struggle that acorn when through to become the mighty oak.
IGS is the tiny acorn and I would venture further to say that the business you are in is in some stage of growth or season change.  So, if I continue to see IGS as an acorn I know what it needs is to be cultivated, to have enough water and room for the roots to take hold.  I know that it cannot grow into an oak tree overnight, but that after enough time and effort the root system will begin to grow.
The way I see it is the roots are the professionals who desire to be part of the community when it is small and the leaves cannot be seen on the surface yet, it’s not sexy yet, but we know it takes time underground to establish a root system.  Then as IGS becomes a sapling it will show growth, it will be noticed and seemingly grow quickly because we will see professionals who see it’s progress and want to be a part of that progress and want to establish their own root system so we collaborate with one another in our endeavors and desire that community and support to grow, to become what we are meant to be.  And after time and seasons there will be a mighty oak tree that is an established community meant to change the landscape and change our world.
I wanted to blog this for myself as well as any readers I might have so that I will have courage in the face of disappointments, failures, and difficult times.  That I will know IGS is meant to be a mighty oak tree but it has to grow into that tree and establish roots before anything else.  We will work through growing pains and seasons of change and death and regrowth.
I believe IGS will be a place to foster relationships that inspire, encourage and change the world.  It will be a community that is transformative for business owners who identify with the Oak tree and want to establish a root system that will help them grow into their own mighty oak, so together we will have a mighty oak forest!