What is your number one key to small business growth?

The answer is SALES! No matter what you do! If you are a stay-at-home mom, you are selling your kiddos on getting chores done around the house. If you are dating, you are selling the other person on you! If you are trying to get your friends to try a new restaurant, you are selling.

We are always doing it, yet we are a little afraid of it. Am I right? Our small business depends on sales for continued growth and yet we are a little afraid of rejection. We feel like we are “not good at it”. We want to hire someone to do it for us. But, have you considered the fact that anytime you want something in any situation you are either selling or being sold? The key to accomplishing any goals toward your small business growth is sales.

Here is what I would like to challenge you on if you own a small business and have something you want to sell. Before you do ANYTHING ELSE.

  1. Go out and get a sale!

That’s it.

If you go out and tell people what you’re doing and they get excited about it, great. Are they willing to pay for it? If so, you have a sale, you might be on the road to having a small business. If you are not getting any bites then perhaps the market doesn’t need what you want to sell, but you won’t know until you get out and do it. By growing your small business this way you can tweak what you’re selling. You can tweak your audience. You can pivot and do another small business or product.

Your first priority in any small business is to make a sale. Think of it as market research, you are checking for the viability of your product in the marketplace before you spend money on branding/marketing/staff/product for your shelves/office for your small business.

As you progress, learn and grow, you will update what you offer. It will get better with time and experience. So, it should not be perfect before you sell.

The Story of Airbnb

Do you know the story of how Airbnb started? As the owner tells it, he and his buddies lived in Colorado and there was a big convention coming to town. All the hotels were booked and they had this thought to offer air mattresses on the floor of their apartment and the apartments of their friends, for this conference.

They floated the idea online to the conference goers to see if anyone wanted to stay on an air mattress. As it turned out a couple of people got all excited about that idea. Airbnb was born from a couple of guys offering air mattresses! It wasn’t perfect. It wasn’t even all that good, BUT they had sales for their small business! Before they went in for funding, before they created an expensive website, marketed it anywhere they 1. Started local, where they lived 2. They got a sale! 3. They tweaked as they went along.

As I understand it they “launched” Airbnb 5 times. The last time became what we know today.

Click here for the rest of the Airbnb Story https://getpaidforyourpad.com/blog/the-airbnb-founder-story/

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