For the past 2 weeks, we have talked about staying motivated by scheduling your morning routine and exercise.

This week I want you to run away!!


Imagine it. The temperature is a perfect 82 degrees. The sun is bright in the sky that is azure blue. The breeze is blowing around your arms and legs and it feels like heaven. As you walk out to greet the vast ocean, all your beach stuff is clanging around your legs as you seek the perfect, quiet place to set up your bag in the white sand.

The gulf, it speaks to you. It reminds you how vast it is and how small you are. You open your beach chair, throw a towel over the back and then you sink into your chair. The background noise of chatter all around you. You hear the sound of the waves lapping at the sand, causing ripples and changes in the sand but with a rhythm that lulls you into a place where nothing else matters.

The chatter begins to dim for you and it’s just you and the vastness. The beauty of the sun, the sand the birds. All here for you to enjoy in this very moment. You are fully present. Fully confident that your problems are minute in comparison to the beauty and force that is in front of you. Everything about this moment brings you gratitude and joy. You have effectively run away. You have chosen to run away for an afternoon, to give yourself over to moment. It took an intentional effort to get to that space, but it is important to your sanity and creativity.

I did just that on Sunday. Took my happy self to the beach because I felt this need to run away. I felt the pull of the gulf on me, so I listened. I went. I spent 5 hours being present with the oceans tide, the gulls, the sand, the sun. It did my body and my mind a world of good!

When you feel the urge to run away, listen to that urge. Run away for a day; for a weekend. Get some perspective.

Let your creativity flow.

Where do you like to run away to?