Did you know that IGS has hosted several businesses to speak to our community to help us all intentionally grow?

As we all know, personal development is crucial to our success as entrepreneurs.

I would like to introduce all the professionals who have helped up develop thus far. I know this list will continue to grow because we are coming together to not only develop our businesses but develop ourselves. We are committed to a larger purpose, which is to develop together!

We have had really cool events and speakers to help us on our path to success. Our events have included: mastermind groups, book club discussions, sales groups, vision board party and several learning and growth opportunities.

Meet our leaders:

Rich Bishop –Spoke to us about Childlike Leadership approach. He is a Certified Leadership coach, speaker & trainer. Learn more about Rich’s coaching here. 

Dave Duquette – helped walk us through our financial lives and what strategies we can take to go to the next level in our personal finance. He is Helping Alleviate the Stress Related to Personal and Business Finance with Westshore Financial Group. Find him on linkedIn here.

Shannon Sharesky – Gave us 7 Digital Marketing Secrets and taught us how to use facebook ads! Independent Business Owner at Shannon Sharesky Consulting. Learn more about Shannon here. 

Jay Civitillo – Spoke to us about Sales Process, which isn’t sexy but it certainly improves the bottom line and helps you know where in the process the sale is faltering. Sales and Marketing Effectiveness trainer. Learn more about Jay here.

Sandy Lee – Spoke to us about finding our voice and confidence as women is this world. CEO Sandy Lee Coaching. Learn more about Sandy Lee here. 

Robyn Hatfield – Shared with us 9 Secrets to Marketing Your Small Business. She specializes in Helping Companies Bring Their Marketing Back to Life. Delivering Clients Guaranteed! Learn more about Robyn here.

What do you want to learn about to grow your small business and how can IGS help you? CoWork Landing in Brandon, FL will be a hub for Brandon entrepreneurs to grow themselves and their businesses.