I was recently given a task to answer the question what is the difference between Passion and Purpose.  I was compelled Purpose is more like a mission. So when we consider our life’s purpose, this is our focus to propel God’s mission through us on this earth (our good, His glory). There are so many things that we can be passionate about that doesn’t have much to do with our purpose. For instance, I am passionate about college football (specifically FSU football) but this has nothing to do with my purpose in this life.  I honestly believe purpose is more important than passion, again based on what you can become passionate about(see example above). Yes, our passions can certainly lead us to find our purpose and I think that is the beauty of passion, is that it can lead to the disciplined practice of living your purpose, (or it can be a fun diversion like college football).. I think God can use our passion to lead us into finding our purpose. Purpose is not supposed to be easy, passion is fun and easy and causes us to dream big, but the reason for the burning passion is to lead us to WORK our purpose. It’s simple but it’s not easy. The passion will ebb and flow but the purpose is what sets our feet on a path and keeps us going when life gets in the way.