I have given myself one year to build the IGS community into a thriving shared workspace for Brandon area professionals.

I want to be very transparent here and to let you know that I need your help. I want everyone who reads this blog, attends IGS events, or is interested in office space {once the shared workspace opens} to feel like YOU are helping to grow something much bigger than office space.

It is truly a unique community that can sustain you and nourish you on your journey in business ownership and entrepreneurship.

10% of business start ups survive. But what if the IGS community can change that? What if, because you have chosen to be part of a group of like-minded professionals your chances of survival grows exponentially?

By being part of IGS you have chosen to grow professionally. You understand the importance of investing in yourself and others around you. You know that you need community to “level-up” in your professional relationships. The space of your own house and brain provides very little inspiration or collaboration. Below will give you some great stats.

Because you have chosen to become part of this community, you can increase your chance of survival. Community is vital to your survival. This community is vital to me so that I can build a shared workspace in Brandon, FL for the purpose of co-working.

We chose each and every day how we are going to work. We chose with whom we want to work. We chose to grow our businesses. We chose to grow our circles.

I need you to choose to help grow this community so together we can build a shared workspace in Brandon. Invite friends, colleagues and associates to join us as we grow!

We have one year to transform the way Brandon area residents “work from home.”

Become a member today!