The girls and I decided we wanted to grow and herb garden so, as usual, I did a little research and found an easy way to begin.  I grabbed some old mason jars and off the girls and I went to Lowe’s to secure some herbs to plant.  As we were looking, we found already growing herbs and had picked a couple of them out and had them in our cart, but as we were perusing we found actual seeds and we talked about the already sprouted plant vs the seed.  First off the seeds were much cheaper and second we thought it might be really cool to see them grow from nothing into something and know we did that ourselves, so we picked through the options and found 4 herbs we liked.  basil, parsley, chives and oregano.  When we arrived home that night my daughter and I scooped soil into the mason jars, put the seeds in and added more soil and then we watered them and watched and waited.  About a week later, when the basil started sprouting I was so excited that I texted the girls in school to tell them about our little experiment.  We waited patiently for the others to sprout, watered them and moved them around to get sunlight in the house.  We planted the herbs 2 weeks ago and 3 of the 4 have sprouted and are growing!

When I got home from carpool this morning, I walked over to look at our herbs and was reminded of how proud we are of this little garden we started and how much like it is like starting my own co-working space.  I have to remember that I am growing something from scratch, “bootstrapping” is what it is called in the business arena.  Starting from nothing, as cheap as I can, digging around in the dirt and planting little seeds that I can barely see and have no idea what will become of them.  I have to be diligent to watch the words I say to myself when business isn’t growing as fast as I would like or when it appears nothing is happening. I have to be intentional about what I am doing during that time to encourage growth, to find ways to help the business grow.  And then celebrate the process.  Celebrate when I see one  client, one partnership, one like on facebook, one comment on my blog, because that means something is growing and soon there will be more growth and excitement and I will have a community that encourages, inspires and will change the way people work from home in a co-working environment.