Lessons from a softball game

Before I share this story, I have to admit that I was teary writing it. I realize that it’s because I was completely emotionally involved and it may not resonate completely with you all.

My youngest daughter had 2 softball games this week. They are an all star team, so the best of Bloomingdale 12U has been assembled for this team. I don’t know much about the game of softball, but I do love to watch the girls play.

So, the second game of the week our team is winning 9-1 in the 2nd inning. We are not able to utilize our seasoned pitcher because, according to the rules, she cannot pitch this game. This was quite detrimental to our team. And after having such a great lead we end up in the 6th and final inning of the game with the score 14-13.

We have exhausted our “other” pitchers and there is only 1 person left to pitch, which is my daughter. She doesn’t like the position, doesn’t play it very often, and this is the last inning. Bases are loaded, with the winning run currently on second base. Talk about PRESSURE……

I watch as the team rallies around her. They have full confidence in her (when she doesn’t have it herself). The catcher comes out to the mound and gets in her face. “You’ve got this, just pitch it to my glove, everyone here is cheering for you, everyone believes in you” then she touches her face mask and walks away to leave Shelby to do this thing.

Everyone in the stands are on their feet ((I cannot breathe)). Shelby is on the mound, calming herself down, it’s her time now. The girls are all ready to play their part in these few moments when their entire world is focused on this field in this moment. They are NOT thinking about anything else in the world, but this moment, when there is game that hangs in the balance for 12 girls, their parents and coaches.

After the game, I really thought about how we as entrepreneurs are up on the mound every single day. We are in the game, the pressure is on. How often are we are faced with a challenge that we haven’t practiced or necessarily know how to do? We have to do it, because this is our time to “do this thing”. Our hearts are completely in what we doing.

Here is what I wanted to pass on, the “lessons”, if you will, from this story:

1. Be totally, fully present in the moment. BE fully alive and completely involved in what you want to accomplish.
2. “Leave everything on the field”, give it all you have so when you walk away you can know you don’t have anything left to give.
3. Know beyond all your fears that you have people {your tribe} who believe in you, and are cheering for you even when you don’t believe in yourself. Count on them when you need them!
4. Know who “that” friend is, the one who has the courage to walk up to you {in the midst of the chaos going on around you and in your own head} get in your face and tell you to “focus on this one thing you have to do, I believe in you and so does everyone here.”