You have heard of Marie Kondo and seen her Netflix series, but how can you apply it to your small business?

Marie Kondo’s book, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, was published some 8 years ago and the KonMari Method of Organization has become very popular with the recent launch of her Netflix series. If tidying up your home is life changing, imagine what the results could be if you applied some of these principles to your small business.

Recently, I have been working through my home, taking drawers and cabinets that haven’t been looked through in a while and tidying them up. Getting rid of things that no longer bring me joy (or in the case of my kitchen, spices that expired many, many years ago) has brought an eye-opening realization to how many things no longer serve a purpose yet still occupy valuable space. Now, every time I open my spice cabinet, I am happy! It’s amazing!

On a side note, I also learned her method of folding that dreaded fitted sheet that absolutely blew my mind! Check it out!

According to The Miracle Morning for Addiction Recovery, clutter is a focus killer. We need to clear away the physical clutter around us so we can focus on the important parts of our business. To do this, we can apply the KonMari Method to tidying up our business.

Schedule your decluttering time. Depending on the size of your office, or the current state it is in, you may need to break up the decluttering into sections; the recommended time to spend on it is 3-5 hours. Be sure to get it on your calendar so you dedicate time to go through all your files, notes, bills, books, piles, mail, and training manuals—all of it. We want to touch all of it and make a decision about it, so give yourself plenty of time to do that.

Next, let’s ask ourselves why we want to get our business organized. How will it change the business, how will it change how we work? It could be that it frees you up to get into a coworking space because you now have all your “stuff” in one place.

Create a master to-do list. This can be on your phone, your iPad, or in an old-fashioned notebook. Take all those sticky notes and random lists and put them on a master list in one central location. Don’t forget all those to-do items that pop into your head in the shower or sitting in traffic. Put these on the master list too. This will help clear up valuable mental storage space.

Clean your files and free up digital space. Go through old files on your laptop and other devices. Look for apps you don’t use anymore, old client files, etc. and clean them up! Not only will you free up memory, but you will also free up the mental capacity that is spent thinking about those items when you see them.

Consolidate your “home” office. Go through files, books, training materials, old daily to-do lists. Where are these items?  Are they in your kitchen and home office?  Are there some in the bedroom? The TV room? I recommend your home office being in one location so that you don’t get caught in the trap of always thinking about work.

Now go through the physical clutter that you have brought into one location. Purge anything you no longer need. Scan or file the ones that you must have. Anything that needs your attention should go on that master list you created.

Declutter your business life. Anything in your drawers or cabinets that doesn’t make you feel productive and organized needs to be tossed.

Getting your business organized in this way will allow you to focus on the bottom line—what is most important to the success of your small business.

If you need help on where to get started, I’m happy to send over a checklist for organizing! If you’re already making plans to start immediately, happy tidying and keep me posted on your results .