I was watching this movie the other night with my 15-year-old. (We love Disney movies!!) So, while we were baking the movie was on and as I watched it, I fell in love with Dory all over again. What a treasure trove of guidance this quirky character gave us.

Yes, she had short-term memory issues, who doesn’t these days?! But she has such a great attitude! One of my favorite lines in the movie is “just keep swimming, just keep swimming”.
How many times have we made a mess of that line, how many speeches have we heard saying the same thing in MANY more words. How many times have we tried to convey that exact message to ourselves and other business owners or kids, or friends? It’s so simple, just keep swimming:)

Remember today friends to just keep swimming! You are doing great, you’ve got this! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming!