Have you heard Steve Harvey’s speech after one of his family feud shows? Simply named Jump!

He says we are all standing on a cliff and eventually you have to jump. He uses this analogy of jumping off a cliff to share that you were born with a gift and you have to share that gift with the world and to do that you have to jump off the cliff.  You have to leave the relative ease of standing on the edge of life to jumping right off into the unknown.

You have to jump to see what living is like. He shares with the audience that when you jump your parachute will not open all the way, you will hit the rocks, you will get skin torn off and cuts on you but eventually the parachute has to open. It’s a promise from our Maker.
If you don’t jump you will never know what God has for you.

One of my best friend’s has a great jump story that I want to share with you. Actually several of my friends do, but one was very recent.

My friend has been in the banking industry for 30 years. She has been working and growing and learning with one local bank for many of those years. She knows the local banking industry very well and is known within that industry for her loyalty, intelligence and charm. She was confident and comfortable where she was and highly esteemed with the established authority within that bank. She established new programs inside the bank and had the proverbial clout.

At some point, a few months ago she began to feel uncomfortable where she was. She felt like she was outgrowing her position and wondered what might be on the outside of her established comfort zone for the past 20 years. She had the same boss for all those years. She knew this place offered her wonderful opportunities for growth and training. It was home. It was comfortable, she knew the leadership, she understood the culture.

At the same time as she was feeling this tightness in her position she received a compelling offer from another local bank. She really struggled with taking the position, thinking the timing was off, the offer wasn’t quite right. Ultimately, she turned it down…….except, well it WAS her time and God knew she needed to JUMP!

It took several more months and working through some limiting beliefs of her own. See, this new position requires really stretching herself. More responsibility. More leadership. More confidence. She finally decided to make the JUMP!

As soon as she jumped she was terrified. This move meant not only a new job, but a new home in a new city with new routines. Everything was new. And she wasn’t sure what she thought of it or if she could even handle it. Talk about a LEAP of faith.

She was afraid she had made a mistake. She didn’t feel confident or ready or even justified. She had JUMPED and man was she getting bruised and battered on the way down. But she was midair. No going back, the only thing to do was go forward.

We talked several times during those weeks and I told her that once she jumped and firmly declared it to the world, only then would she find the “signs” she needed that she had made the right move.

And sure enough, when the world was put on notice that she had taken the leap she got all the confirmation she needed that she made the right move for herself and her family. Everywhere she looked she was amazed at what was before her. But to see that she had to fully let go of what was behind.

I love her story, because it shows us that even in a stable industry, life required her to JUMP into her purpose, that to fly she still had to be uncomfortable. Her drastic move required faith and blindly taking the next step without knowing where it was going or when.

Can you relate? Is there a cliff you want to jump off of? Are you too comfortable where you are to be able to employ your parachute? You have to jump for the parachute to open.
It won’t open when you’re standing still looking over the edge of the cliff. It just won’t.
I know I have shared the Steve Harvey video before but it related so well to my friend’s story that I thought I should share again along with her story so you can be encouraged today to jump. Whether it’s business or relationship, a new home or a new hobby.

  1. Take the leap of faith and declare to the world that you have done it.
  2. Understand that you will get battered and bruised.
  3. Have faith that the parachute will open at just the right time that you need it.
  4. You are worthy of adventure and success! God created you to live an amazing life, but you can’t fully embrace that until you JUMP off the cliff instead of just standing looking out over the edge.