It’s no secret to those who know me that I love college football! (specifically Florida State football, but that’s another story) So Monday night was the pinnacle of the college football season!

Clemson vs Alabama.

For those of you not familiar, the #1 and #2 college teams in the nation play the final game of the season to walk away as National Champion. Clemson Tigers beat Alabama in the last minutes of the game for a very exciting finish and a WIN for CLEMSON. Why tell you all of that? Because of course I learned some things as I watched this competitive display in the national arena that can relate to everyone.

The championship was won with blood, sweat and tears! Life is won with blood, sweat and tears. No one is immune to heartache, last year Clemson was defeated by Alabama in the National Championship. If you want something you have to work for it with all of your heart. Last year, Clemson was defeated in the playoffs by an unranked team in the last minutes of the game.

If the thing that you want is BIG enough it’s not going to happen overnight. It’s going to take lots of work and grind and learning from every single loss and every single misstep.

You also have to recognize that you stand on the shoulders of the greats who have come before, your entire team and those who are in the trenches with you. You can’t do it without them.

After the win the reporters asked the coach of the Tigers about the win. He told them that it had taken him 8 years with this organization to get to where they are today. And that his team put in every single ounce of their being into becoming champions. They played the entire 4 hours without ever giving up in the face of a deficit to the best team 5 years running (the very team that beat them last year). More than that, they played the entire season with the goal of being champions.

He also said that it was about LOVE. Love of his team, love of the school, the boys, the staff, THE GAME. He gave the credit where it was due. You know what, so did his quarterback. Great kid. Gracious and humble. These 2 guys are great leaders of their organization. They share a love that motivates them toward greatness.

You can’t make it to the National Championship without a lot of heartache along the way. They had a vision. The entire organization shared that vision and they strived and won and lost and came close and sweat and worked and struggled and after those 8 grinding years with that vision at the forefront they came out winners of the day!

Think about growing your business like a coach working toward the national championship. You have a vision, a large vision. You need a team. Whether you employ that team or they are simply your tribe/circle. They have to buy into your vision, so it has to be strong enough for others to rally around you.

Recognize all the shoulders you have stood on to make it to this grand stage of your business and your life. Appreciate them and let that make you truly humble and gracious in the presence of success. We are standing on the shoulders of giants, all of us!

Our motivation for success should always be love. Hate destroys teams, nations, relationships. If we have a true, deep abiding love that motivates us to strive toward our vision then we can be and will be unstoppable.