Working from home is a gift! It’s a gift of freedom, a reprieve from the daily grind of the 9-5 world; one that we truly cherish and are grateful for as entrepreneurs and small business owners.

We have the freedom to work in our pajama’s and leave our hair a disheveled mess.  We have the freedom to get supper started, to get the laundry washed, and maybe even folded (if we’re feeling extra ambitious!) all while being on the clock. It is one the best things about being your own boss.

With all that said, we’re still social creatures and there will inevitably be some things that you find yourself missing about working in an office. Things like lunch with your colleagues, group synergy, idle chit chat around the Keurig, or having a colleague notice that great new outfit.

Of course, I would be remiss if I forgot to mention that an office environment also provides you that dedicated work time, alone; your family doesn’t think you’re simply “at home” and able to attend to all their needs.

Want to have your cake and eat it too?  Well the best of both worlds is now possible thanks to the emergence of Coworking opportunities in Brandon, FL, specifically, CoWork Landing.

  • CoWorking brings all the resources that you and your other colleagues have to offer into one cohesive, mutually beneficial workspace.
  • CoWorking is truly a highly effective and powerful small business resource.
  • When you’re at CoWork Landing, ask around for a solution to a problem you’re facing. It’s amazing what 2 brains can do!

Interested, but find yourself questioning how you can use a Coworking space to augment your business? It’s just like a gym membership—you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

Coworking can work as hard for you as you do!

Let’s look at how CoWork Landing can be a vital asset to you as an entrepreneur:

  1. Use CoWork Landing for your one-to-ones throughout the week. Typically, you host or take part in your networking meetings each week and one of the goals in those networking meetings is having one-to-one meetings to get to know each other better. So, on your networking day, you could have your meeting, set up your one-to-ones after the meeting, and “go to work” for a couple of hours to get a project done—all from one central location, CoWork Landing of Brandon.
  2. Use CoWork Landing as your stop off in between your outside meetings. Bring your laptop with you to your meetings and between each, since you are already out, pop in to your CoWork Landing space and get some work done while you kill time until your next appointment.
  3. Use CoWork Landing as your creative space. You can dedicate certain days of your week for your creative activities and come down to CoWork Landing. A dedicated creative space can help you to get in the right headspace to help get the creative juices flowing. Grab your headphones, open up your laptop, and create!
  4. Find new friends! CoWork Landing is a great place to find like-minded professionals who share your passion for community, productivity, and business.
  5. Use CoWwork Landing as a sales tool. One of our current members uses CoWork Landing to establish “office hours”. She parks herself in one spot on a certain day of the week and lets her client base, as well as referral partners, know where she will be at a certain time each week. What a great sales tool! l, too, have a set office morning/afternoon each week when you can meet with people in one scheduled block of time.

Still on the fence? Let me ask you a simple question, do you love your daily venti, triple mocha, light foam, extra cream coffee? Well CoWork Landing doesn’t have that technology, but it does cost less than your daily Starbucks habit. What return on investment are you getting from Starbucks? Come feed your habit with a cup from the good old-fashioned coffeepot and gain a huge return on investment!

Come and visit CoWork Landing and see the development and growth potential it can provide. Because you are setting yourself up for success being surrounded by your community, establish organization and structure within your week, and let your creative juices flow with utilizing all that CoWorking has to offer.

P.S. As a “perk” to CWL members, the coffee is provided 😉