Obviously, we are partial to CoWork Landing, but if you don’t live in Brandon, find one closer to you.

You knew this was coming, I love coworking! This month we have had 3 new members join us and as I sat at my desk I watched small business owners coming together to collaborate on a project.

Everything that I read and see says that it is helpful to work from a shared workspace! Why? Well, because it brings organization to your day, it hleps creates new relationships, it gives you a sense of community, it gives you a professional place to meet clients, it gives you a reason to put on clothes, shoes and gets you out of your house staring at the laundry that needs to be done or the precious puppy who needs your attention:)

Set up your weekly schedule

So, when you are doing your weekly planning on Sunday, set yourself “office hours” these are hours when you will be in your favorite coworking space with your to-do list so you can check off what you need to get done. Most “co-workers” realize a 30% increase in productivity since joining a coworking space. The reason for this is because they give themselves a finite period of time to accomplish their tasks and they get it done. So, come on in to CWL and check off your to-do list items!

Collaborate on your goals

The coworking space offers such a diverse crowd, you are bound to meet someone who can teach you something new, help you with something you’re stuck on, find a friend for lunch or happy hour! We have collaborated on projects, worked on our goals together and cheered each other when we needed chearleaders. We are all one team even though we have different businesses.

A few “fun” facts about coworking

  • 89% of coworking space members are happier since coworking. 83% are happier!
  • 84% of members are more motivated. 67% said they were more successful since joining a space

What are you waiting for? Join the wonderful members at CWL!