Do you vacation to refresh your mind and spirit?

So most of you know I typically blog about what is current and right now vacation is current for me!

As you are reading this I am preparing for my yearly weeklong vacation on Longboat Key with my girls. As much as I love the entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to work, I also know that vacating is important.

We must be as intentional about our vacations as we are about our work. Make it a time to unplug, to view things from a different place, a more relaxed pace. How can we be intentional about our vacations? UNPLUG! Decide to leave autoresponders, voicemails, etc letting folks know you are unavailable for a time and be unavailable. We can only be good at one thing at a time. “To achieve extraordinary results you must choose what matters most and five it all the time it demands. This requires getting extremely out of balance in relation to all other issues (Gary Keller).” This applies to work as well as vacation. Give it the time it demands so when you return from vacation you can be “ALL IN” with what you must focus on next.

What do you think of this idea about being intentional with your vacations as much as you are with your work? A friend of mine was listening to me talk about all that I had to decide over the next few weeks and she said to me “you will be much better prepared to make these decisions.

She’s right. Once I get away, I’m in a different environment and I can slow my pace, I will be able to make better decisions. Will power has a limited battery life, but can be recharged with some downtime. We must have this downtime to be effective, to make good decisions and to feel renewed and refreshed!

I’d love to hear how you renew!