What does marketing your business look like?

How much time do you spend doing it?

This week we had Robyn Hatfield of JSB Tampa speak with our group about marketing our businesses.  We had every kind of business represented, from Doctors offices to corporate America.

The business of marketing really is the heart of your business. According to Robyn we are supposed to be spending 10% of our efforts on marketing our business. I was fascinated to learn that all marketing should be trackable, meaning how much you spend per client vs how much client is worth. This tidbit was what stood out most to me.

Robyn is a professional with a track record of helping clients create and implement tailored marketing plans for clients to increase their business based on whatever marketing budget they have. She can help you figure out, not only your budget as a whole but how much each client is worth to you.

IGS (Intentional Growth Strategies) in Brandon, FL is leading the way for entrepreneurs and small business owners in our community to learn together, from professionals like Robyn, to grow our individual businesses.

The big goal is to ultimately create a shared workspace where we are daily working together to become more collaborative to sustain business in our area. These great workshops are a time and place for us to better understand how to grow our business and become better, more informed individuals.
We are happy to serve you and hope that you become a part of this community who works together, collaborates together and inspires more individuals to create the life they want to live by gaining insights from those around them.

As entrepreneurs working exclusively from home, we are in danger of having tunnel vision and not experiencing or contributing to the world around us. IGS is a way to combat that.

We have another great workshop next week to help you create and use Facebook ads! Bring your laptop as this workshop will be interactive!

Forwarding this email along to anyone in the Brandon area who works from home is a great way to move us toward building the space for the community!