There is a plant in my yard, beside my garage that has been pitiful and anemic for years. It has barely grown, it’s kinda hanging out by itself on one side of the garage, away from the other plants. I didn’t pull it out because it didn’t look terrible, honestly, I didn’t even think about the darn thing, it was just kind of ……there.
One day a few weeks ago when I came home I noticed this plant had grown almost to the roof, it was overtaking the light fixture on the side of the house. This seemed miraculous to me and it literally seemed like it happened overnight. For years it was not much to look at, it was not significant or noteworthy and the next it was this huge plant overtaking the side of the house.

How many times does it seem that when we are trying to grow something or develop something? Nothing happens FOREVER and then all of the sudden, “it’s an overnight success”, “it’s a miracle cure” etc. We know the truth of business ownership, right? There is so much going on underneath the surface, that we don’t see until it looks like an “all of the sudden” type of growth!\

What do you do when it appears nothing is happening? When it looks like you have planted something that doesn’t take root or grow?
There are 3 ways to “grow beneath the surface” and then one day someone will say – look at that “overnight success”.

  1. Develop your {healthy} habits. The things that you do every day, the things that don’t look like they matter, do matter. They not only make a difference – they make all the difference.  If you eat donuts every day, you won’t see the difference in a week or a month, but after a year you won’t recognize yourself. Reverse that though, if you choose to exercise every day you also won’t see the results after a week or even a month BUT after a year, you won’t recognize yourself and you will be SO happy!
  2. Harness the power of celebration – You can recognize the positive steps you have taken along the way as your growing, even if on the outside it doesn’t look much like progress. I promise it is progress and it deserves to be celebrated! Think of your child and how slowly it seems they grow but when you see someone else’s kid whom you haven’t seen in a year, you are floored with their growth. This is the same for you. You are “in the thick of it” so you don’t see the BIG growth but you can certainly look for the small victories to celebrate and you can see how you have grown by taking time to celebrate the little victories.
  3. Remind your brain of where you’re headed. For that plant beside my house, the goal is to head up (you know the sun and all that) but you have to remind your brain daily where you are headed or you will drift off into space or worse, you will drift off to being mediocre and unfulfilled. Write down your destination, look at every morning, remind yourself, see it, own it. Work for it!

How can CWL help you while you don’t see any growth? Would having dedicated office time help you? Would having people around help you? Would getting dressed and being among the movers and shakers in Brandon help you? Then come on in and join a great group of people who are growing and learning!