I was pretty much down for the count last week with a nasty cold so one night I was watching a movie with my oldest daughter. We watched the new Ghostbusters.

First of all, it’s a pretty funny movie. Secondly, it boils down to a group of women starting their own business. Third, their business essentially saves the world! (yes, I realize I am taking some big liberties here).

In case you haven’t seen it, I’ll give a little background. Erin is a professor at a very prestigious college. She has abandoned her previously held notions of how she was going to live her life and has taken a position as a professor (noble but not her passion).

Her best friend and former partner, Abby(another reason I like this movie, Abby is my daughter’s name) has continued to “play” at working in the field of “ghost studies” along with a partner (and is consistently frustrated by little things, like always getting her chinese food order wrong). Patty, the final team member is very bright but has taken a menial job working for the subway system.

What changes their lives and brings them together are seemingly insignificant circumstances at first (ghost sightings)! Once the professor is confronted with the truth of her ultimate calling, she literally can’t do anything else. And you know what else, she absolutely can’t do it alone.

She NEEDS her friends and colleagues who have skills she doesn’t possess.

Abby became bolder and more engaged in her work when she was around a group of people who shared her passion. All of the women on the team brought with them different skills that contributed to the greater good, and yes, ultimately saved the world!

I took some great liberties in the telling of that story but I hope you will go with me here. In your own life once you know for certain your path that you want to take, you cannot possibly go back to life as you knew it.

You will need people surrounding you with skills that you do not possess to help you on your journey.

By following your path, you WILL change the world, even just your small world, but the ripple effects of that will be ongoing!

And by the way, it is way more fun to save the world with other people helping you.

Go Big, Go Bold and change the world.

CWL is right here to help! Tell us how are you changing the world?