This week I took a friend to Dave & Buster’s to celebrate his birthday. (because it’s fun to play when you’re a grown up:)) As it turned out they were having a FRIENDS Trivia game. Well, I have seen every episode about 10 times each, so we had to play!

My friend doesn’t know FRIENDS as I do, so the game depended on my vast knowledge of useless FRIENDS facts. There were several teams in the room. ((Like tables full of people)). For all 5 rounds, the game was going great. We got to the final question 50 points ahead of all the teams!!! I was so proud that my knowledge of FRIENDS came in handy for something{and also pondering the fact that I have stuffed my brain full of this information}. What the heck? How am I able to pull up the name on the tv guide delivered to the guys’ apartment (worth 20 points)? I DID, by the way;)

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Anyway, the last round. Final question. “What did Phoebe change her name to?” We could bet all of our points on this one question or no points. And right at that pivotal moment, my mind went blank. I KNEW the answer to this question. Because my date wasn’t up on his FRIENDS trivia, it was up to me. I KNEW the answer but I doubted myself. I wrote down part of the answer {Princess Consuela} and I discussed it with my date. I described the scene on the show to him, but he couldn’t help. I was lost. I knew that we were going to lose the whole game on the last question. Man, I was pissed at myself. I KNEW that answer!!! Princess Consuela Banana Hammock!!!!

So, after we lost miserably, we were talking about the game (cuz I am just that kind of dork). He said “you know what? You did that whole game yourself. I couldn’t help because I didn’t know any of the answers. Those folks had teams. They were working together to come up with the right answers and if one of them didn’t know it, someone else on the team did know the answer or could help”……I just had my little brain.

So there’s my story. We lost on the last question of the night. But, what I was reminded of was the power of a team. When one person falls down, there are other people to fill in the gaps. When you don’t know the answer yourself, you can reach out to your team—-the folks supporting you. It’s SO HARD to do everything yourself. Not to mention discouraging.

It’s so hard to try to remember everything you need to remember. To keep up the enthusiasm you need to keep moving forward all alone. But a team working together to solve a problem (or in my case answer a trivia question) using combined brain power and energy is magic.

This leads me to the importance of a mastermind for your business and your life.

It’s imperative to your success to be surrounded with people who are as dedicated to your success as you are. A group of people who are just as motivated to win as you. A group of people who are willing to join you too in your quest for greatness. There is power in a team. As good as you may be as an individual, the power grows exponentially in a group.

This is the beauty of a mastermind. Our friends and family love us but maybe don’t understand your passion, your pursuits may seem off the wall. They don’t get what goes on in our heads as we grow our business, they can’t help come up with ideas when our brains are wracked. Your mastermind CAN help you with that.

I am forming a Mastermind group starting February 1. Email me to reserve your slot at

Our group is limited to 8 people and will meet via ZOOM.