Do you want to JUMP but need a little inspiration?

Interesting that I haven’t quite delved into the topic of why I opened a coworking space. I think the reason I haven’t really discussed it was because the whole concept vulnerable and scary time for me (truth be told, it still is). As with anyone who has ever taken a leap of faith, you know it’s a very scary leap. Actually when you say leap, it sounds fun, like when you were a kid and you played leap frog, that’s not really such a big deal, right? You leap over someone land on the ground, not super scary.

But a JUMP, that’s another story.

A jump is not knowing where you’re going to land, leaving the safety of where you have always been to jump into a place you have no idea what it will be like. (anyone else see the Indiana Jones movie where the bridge doesn’t appear until Indy takes a step off the cliff)

I left a place where I had been comfortable for 10 years. I left the comfort of a paycheck and the daily tasks I had grown accustomed to. I left many people close to me cringing and questioning how I could possibly jump……. All alone……With no security net…….. There it is, the most uncomfortable part, the scariest part, the vulnerable piece. I have chosen to create something that will encourage, inspire and change the world. JUUUUUUMMMMMMMMPPPPPPPPPPPPP.

I share that story in hopes that it will inspire someone to jump. Not leap, not pretend to think about, considering starting something new. JUMP. I love the way the Steve Harvey describes it in one of his talks before his show. You have to jump for the parachute to open, “You WILL hit the rocks, you will get all torn up, you will lay there broken and bloody” but here’s the thing, you have to jump for your parachute to open. You can stand on the cliff and look and never jump but you will never experience life abundantly……. and what kind of life is that anyway?”

I want you be inspired to jump but I also want you to know that you do not have to JUMP alone. There is a resource close to your home in Brandon where other folks are being inspired to do something great!

Cowork Landing is for those folks who have chosen to JUMP. Those who are making a life for their family and themselves and they don’t want to do it alone. My vision for CoWork Landing is not only to be a place to work from, but, I also want it to be place where you find your inspiration. I want people to have a place where they can get support when they JUMP!

You could find inspiration while talking to another “co-worker” or at a personal development event. You can get support just be being around other folks who have jumped or want to jump! CWL can be your place to start or grow your business.

Our job as entrepreneurs is not just to grow our business but to grow ourselves, to learn and inspire others around us. Let’s do that together at CWL.