Do you set yourself up for weekly success?

I was recently listening to a podcast on and the successful business person they were interviewing was talking about how he sets up his week for peak performance.

You know what is easy to do, is also easy not to do. This is why 95% of people fail, because we don’t see the results of small efforts {made daily} quickly so we give up. If we stay with it consistently, we will see exponential results and we will be extremely successful in the long run!

It’s the small things you do consistently, day after day, week after week that either promote you or expose you…(think about that for a minute).

How better to do those small things than to schedule them, to set up your week to follow a track that it helps you not to have to think through what you’re going to do, you don’t have to have “will power”, it’s simply on the schedule. You already have it set up.

What are some things you already do on a daily basis that promote you? Do you work out? Do you make sales calls consistently?

So, the way this particular business owner set up his week was to schedule each day to accomplish certain items. For instance, Monday is your focus day (strategic planning), get your week set up, focus on what needs to get done, social media, who do you want to meet this week?.Great day to get to a co-working space!

Tuesday – Sales Day. Do you prospect? Can you set up a time each and every week to ensure that your calls get done. Send out marketing information, do a podcast. Follow up.

Wednesday – Strategic meetings. You will have set this up in advance so you know that Wednesdays you will have meetings and you can set up an agenda for the meeting so you know the expectations of that meeting, I recently had a meeting with a community member and before we met he sent me an agenda about what he wanted to accomplish, I so appreciated the consideration of my time and his and we both knew what to expect from our meeting. (also a great day to utilize a co-working space)

What about scheduling Lunch with friends. {I set this up several years ago at the suggestion of a friend of mine. You want to make sure you keep your social relationships alive while you grow your business, so schedule it in and invite your friends!}

Thursday – Growth day. Schedule time to learn. Is there a lunch & learn you can attend? Class you can take, coaching appointment.

Friday – Serve day. Who can you serve today and what does that look like? It could just be doing 1 random act of kindness. It could be serving at a local shelter or meals on wheels. It will give you perspective on what is REALLY important and how very blessed you are!

Of course, keeping a strict schedule like this isn’t feasible but if you can effectively plan your days according to what you want to accomplish during the week then how much more effective could you can be without feeling out of control and overworked. You will be able to say no more effectively because you are not putting out fires, you schedule appointments around what you need to accomplish on that day.

Is there one of these schedule tweaks that you can make to ensure your weeks are a little more productive? What is one small positive change you can make to propel yourself forward?