Demolition day is here!

Yesterday was demo day for CoWorking Landing, Brandon, FL! All the floors are coming out and this weekend will be time to paint (if you want to help, or check out the space…….come on over 522 Oakfield) There will be snacks and you could probably find a beer or wine to drinkJ

As I was thinking about the demolition part of the plan. Demolition is always necessary to rebuild. If you want to grow muscle, you have to tear it down and build it back up. If you want something new, you always have to get rid of what is currently there. Sometimes the demo part of a process is painful. It is loud and seems very daunting.

I remember always saying, I’m not a runner, I don’t like it, I’m no good at it. Guess what?! I was right! I was NOT a runner and when I headed out on any run, I told myself I was not a runner and I could only make it about 2 miles before I gave up. So when I registered for the 15K last February I had to break that thinking down.

Before I could really do any longer distances I had to remove the barrier I had set for myself that I wasn’t a runner. Once that line of thinking was removed, I told myself, ‘not only are you a runner, you are a distance runner’ (yes, I realize 15k is not that long). Only after that mental shift was I able to start training in a new way.

Same thing, when I chose to start a business. I had to “demo” the old thinking. “What makes you think you can be successful?, what makes you think, as a single mom, that you are capable of doing something unique that could be successful”.

That type of thinking was so ingrained that it took a lot of reflection, time, and support from my close friends. Only after that demolition of thinking was I able to take a huge leap of faith, leave a job of 10 years and jump into the unknown. I had to demo doubt, fear and feeling comfortable. (I haven’t been comfortable since last November!)

I am using the rebuilding part of CoWork Landing as a metaphor for rebuilding a new way of thinking for me and helping others on that same journey. And I am not doing it alone! It’s way more fun to rebuild with other people around you.

What are you working on? What kind of old thinking do you need to chip away at so you can move forward with rebuilding something greater than yourself?

Can you do that alone? Maybe, but it’s more fun to do with people who support you, people who are on the same journey. Does your definition of success come from working alone?

I think that is an old way of thinking, success is so much better shared. You have so much to share with the world, why not join a community where you can do that and work in the same place.

Join a community like CoWork Landing in Brandon, FL