Great Business Lesson from my teen.

Now, I don’t usually get business lessons from my daughters. I am, however, in the car a lot with my daughters, driving them to and from activities and I have found that it’s a great place to talk to teens (due to the fact they are trapped with you). (ha)

However, last week, I did get a lesson from my youngest. She asked how my business was going and I told her it was a little frustrating. She responded with “well,I can only imagine how hard starting a business would be”. And proceeded to tell me a story.

She remembered when she was playing piano and she received a new piece from her piano teacher. First, she could only practice with one hand at a time, then she could only play certain cords. Then she began to put it together and it was super slow and didn’t sound at all like she had heard it on the recording or the radio.

She felt like she was never going to progress, it was never going to sound like it was “supposed” to sound and she got frustrated. She continued practice and lessons anyway and eventually she would get one cord progression down and it sounded great. Then on to the next progression and soon it started coming together and sounded like a real song, like she wanted it to sound. At that point she couldn’t wait to get on the piano and play the song over and over, with minor tweaks here and there.

The piano piece was beautiful, it was smooth, it sounded like she wanted it to sound.

What a great lesson she taught me that day and so perfect for you as you grow your business! What is frustrating for you? Do you just need to trust the process? Practice more?  Wait for the next “lesson”?

You have a will moving piece of music at the end of all the frustration and practice!