Are you open to receiving feedback?

So, last week my dear brother came into CoWork Landing to work for the day. (We had a blast having him there) Anyway, after he spent the day he asked if I would be open to receiving feedback about his experience. Wow, huh I had to ask myself “Am I open to receiving feedback? I thought everything was great, what kind of feedback does he have for me, etc, etc” Made me really stop and think and be OPEN to improvement.
The reason that I am sharing is that I was blown away by the power of that statement.

I know as strong-minded people, business owners, we like to give feedback. We like to share our opinions. As a parent, we want to give feedback to “help” our protegees learn. As a spouse, adult child, friend, etc we want to help our loved ones do better.

So, when he presented me with the question “would you be open to receiving feedback” I really had to stop and think. The question isn’t are you open to feedback (which is still a good question before you start sharing your feedback) but the question is are you open to receiving feedback. So for the receiver it means not only are they getting feedback, they are receiving it. Think about when you receive a gift, you open it and then do something with it, either take it back to the store or use it! Same thing with receiving feedback. As the listener, once you have said “yes, I am” you now have the knowledge and will do something with it. Even if that something is ignoring it, but you still have to stop and think process….. Am I actually open to receiving feedback? (Just as an aside, I did take his suggestions and use them to help improve CWL)

In summary, The power of this one statement is three-fold:

  • What it says about the person giving the feedback is that they care enough about you to thoughtfully provide feedback.
  • What it says of the listener is that they are, in fact, open to receiving that feedback with plans to use it, if they are able.
  • It puts both parties in a win/win situation. Both people feel good about the interaction!

So, the next time you want to provide feedback, consider asking the question first “are you open to receiving feedback”.

What are your thoughts? How could you use this?