1. There has to be a big goal to work toward – the race day is the end goal. The day you are working toward, a time in the future where you will endeavor to run the race set before you. That goal has to be something you could not do tomorrow, after all, it’s not really a “big” goal if you could just get out there tomorrow and get it done. What goals have you set for yourself and your business? Are they BIG goals that you don’t see how you could possibly get them accomplished? If not, set a BIGGER goal!
  2. There are days that absolutely suck! When you are training those days come when your body feels terrible and you can’t get your pace right and that extra training mile you have to tack on feels like it’s taking forever. Guess what…….you do it anyway, you get through it and you live to do it again! You know we all have those days, right? You are working and working and you just don’t see the fruits of your labor and everything feels off and you just don’t know how you’re going to get done with this one little thing, much less that big goal you’re supposed to be working on. Do it anyway……
  3. There are days when everything falls into place and your run feels so powerful and you feel unstoppable. Finally, that BIG goal actually seems attainable. Those are the days you live for, when everything just works and you feel great about yourself and this thing that you are doing.
  4. We invest our time and money is what we value. Of course I could always say I don’t have time to train for a race, but I rearrange my schedule and get up early to make sure I have to train. I value that. I spend money on races, on a good pair of running shoes. I value those things. Ask yourself where are you spending your time and money? THAT is what you value, regardless of what you say you value. Your time and treasure are the real indicator of your values.
  5. This is a mental sport. Running is as much mental as it physical. This applies to your business as well. This is a mental and physical feat we are endeavoring to do. It takes all of our physical energy, it takes our focus and a desire strong enough to push ourselves and grow that muscle that will allow us to keep going.
  6. You have to be just a little crazy. The thing is, the race itself is sweaty and hard. You have to get up at the crack of dawn on a weekend morning and run alongside a bunch of strangers. There are so many other fun things, EASIER things you could be doing, but you chose to train and you chose this race. The end of the race is sweaty, gross, hot, but BY GOD you did it! and the crazy part is you can’t wait to do it again! Every article I have ever read mentions that entrepreneurs and runners are a little bit crazy. We endeavor to work, create, set goals, reach them and set out to do it all over again.

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