522 Oakfield Brandon, FL is home to CoWork Landing

CoWork Landing has a home at 522 Oakfield Drive. I feel a spark of excitement every time I say it. IGS is no longer homeless!

I had a client recently who is a new business and I was able to place them in their first office and when they signed the paperwork, that is what the client said to me “Our business is no longer homeless”. I thought that was such a great way to look at it.

When you have a start up business or an idea for a business, it is homeless. It is a dream, a goal to attain in the future. You begin to take steps toward making that dream a reality and that is when there is a need to be among other small business owners/entrepreneurs. There is vast evidence that successful business owners who collaborate with each other create better companies, generate more ideas and excel more quickly.

Last night I was able to attend an event at the Entrepreneurship Center at University of Tampa. The center is an outstanding achievement for young entrepreneurs in Tampa. The Tampa area happens to be the current “hot spot” for entrepreneurship and innovative businesses in the country right now. Forbes magazine just did a story about the top 10 cities in the country for young entrepreneurs. Check it out to see where Tampa ranks!

There was a panel discussion and 2 entrepreneurs who worked out of “co-working” spaces were very adamant that their success came in part because they belonged to an entrepreneurial ecosystem (buzz word). A co-working or shared workspace lends to that ecosystem, where there is an intersection of ideas and a vibrant economy where everyone is working together to promote shared ideas, not just shared workspace.

This kind of environment is what will lend to your success, as an entrepreneur, remote worker or creative individual.

Join us at CoWork Landing Brandon, FL in September to be part of this community of people dedicated to each other’s success as well as their own!