1) Cocktail party
2) Book launch
3) Writer’s retreat (or any retreat where people will benefit from a dedicated quiet space to alternatively work together and work alone)
4) Vendor showcase (set up in one spot and have all your customers come look and place orders!)
5) Classes
6) Board meeting (or, even better, retreat)
7) Teleconference event
8) Gamers gathering
9) Hackathon
10) Expo
11) Training
12) Community Forum/Discussion
13) Craft fair
14) Weekend Pop-Up Cafe
15) Book club meeting
16) Art Show/Pop Up Gallery
17) Silent Auction
18) Food show
19) Meetup location (orientation, debriefing, or both!)
20) Tasting (wine, chocolate, anything)
21) Finish your novel, educational book
22) Fitness, Yoga classes (small groups)
23) Therapy sessions (yes, we have private spaces!)
24) Film screenings
25) Comedy shows
26) Staff Appreciation (we can get massage chairs, etc. set up- getting your staff off site for a treat is pretty neat!)
27) Mediation (sometimes a difficult conversation is best had in a neutral location)
28) Closings
29) Game day/night (chess or puzzles or games, anything intellectual and/or small group oriented really!)
30) Trainings
31) Job interviews (do them all in one easy-to-find but private spot where someone is not listening in)
32) Work remotely
33) Get out of your guest bedroom (even the happiest home office worker need a change of scene!)
34) Your non-car office (just because you are a traveling sales person, doesn’t mean you have to work out of your car!)
35) Try out our desks without the commitment
36) Have a Brandon office address without the parking hassle or lease commitment (Company X works out of CoWork Landing at 522 Oakfield Drive Brandon)
37) Bring your own lunch to your Brandon workspace without guilt (Have specific dietary needs or just don’t want to spend $10 on a sandwich? We have a fridge and a zero guilt policy!)
38) Network with other professionals using the space
39) Attend programs hosted by other tenants in CoWork Landing and learn something new
40) Have a home-based business? Meet with your customer/client without making them have to park somewhere difficult, order an unwanted cup of coffee or eat a yucky sandwich to come see you!
41) Open House (you can tell people what you’re up to business wise without worrying about if they’ll fit!)
43) Meditation (sometimes you just want to be alone)
44) Direct Sales Parties (your friends don’t have space to host a demo and neither do you)
45) Video recording
46) Photography session
47) Ribbon Cutting
48) Clothing/accessories swap
49) Seminar/workshop
50) Indoor pop up market
51) Trunk show