This week, we can talk about the 4 freedoms of entrepreneurs.

Last week we talked the challenges we face as entrepreneurs, this week we will share the FREEDOMS we experience. Why we do what we do!

According to Dan Sullivan there are 4 freedoms that we enjoy, as entrepreneurs.

The Freedom of Time – we get to choose how and when we work. We set the expectations for ourselves and for our clients and employees. Today, I had a morning book club where we studied The Four Agreements, so I was early getting into the office at 7 and knocking out a bunch of my to-do list and then after our book club meeting, I took myself for a nice (albeit hot) run and that really got my brain working so I drove right back to the office to get all my ideas working for me. For me, that felt great and productive. It probably doesn’t look the same for you, but I bet you can think of a freedom of time that you enjoy working for yourself.

Freedom of Money – this doesn’t look the same for every entrepreneur. And that’s the beauty of it, isn’t it? There is NO ceiling on how much we can make. Our success doesn’t mean comparing to others in a company or the same industry. It means designing the life we want and then living it!

Freedom of Relationship – choose who you want to work with inside and outside your company. This is important to remember. You can choose with whom you WANT to work.

Freedom of Purpose – this is the biggest freedom that we have as entrepreneurs. A lot of times folks don’t  have a purpose outside going to work to get a paycheck, they can’t wait til payday and the weekend. We have a higher purpose on this earth than gathering a paycheck. We were created in this place at this time to do a specific job in the world.

What is your purpose? How do you live that purpose on this earth?