What Do Weightlifting and Growing a Small Business Have in Common?

5 ways to train your business muscle

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Working out is mostly an individual endeavor. When we lift weights, we do so with a goal in mind, right? The process of muscle building is quite interesting in that we are literally damaging our muscles to initiate a repair process that develops and tones our muscles. No pain, no gain! We have to stress our muscles to cultivate growth. Muscles NEED stress to grow. Muscles NEED proper nutrition to grow.

What if this is also true for your business?

To get the benefits of exercise, you have to do the work yourself. You can’t hire someone to work out for you. You can’t pay a friend to increase your strength and endurance. You have to have the discipline to get to the gym (or the weights in your garage), go out for a run, do yoga, or whatever your exercise of choice may be. You have to put in the work yourself.

Obviously, you have to put in a tremendous amount of your own elbow grease, but that isn’t always enough to give the results you desire or to breakthrough that plateau you have been struggling to overcome. For many of us, it is necessary to employ a trainer, or use a training partner, to elevate our game or provide that much needed “spot” when pushing through fatigue. They motivate and push you harder than you push yourself. They add intensity and encouragement when you need it. Even when you don’t think you’re ready, a good trainer will push you through the pain. It might hurt a little, but you CAN do it!

I have had several trainers over the past 15 years, and I have been known to cuss them out for doing exactly what I hired them to do. Many times, I didn’t think I could do it. I thought for sure I was going to throw up or pass out (maybe that’s a bit dramatic, but you get the point). Next thing I knew, I had lifted that impossible (for me) weight or completed five more reps that I thought reasonably possible. What it took was having someone there to help me get my head out of you-know-where so they had a place to put a boot!

A trainer is also there to help with more subtle things that don’t require a boot in the @$$. They ensure you have the knowledge and train with proper technique to achieve your goals without injury or preventable setbacks. They help you decipher the best routine that will help you reach your goals. The trainer is your spotter. In the gym scenario, the spotter stands above the person lifting weights on the bench and, in case you can’t push all the way through, give you that little boost. And you know what I learned; they actually don’t do any of the lifting. They simply put their hand under the weight to give you the illusion that someone else is helping. Just having someone standing there with their hand on the weight makes you feel like you are safer. WOW.

Finally, the most important part of the trainer’s job is to make sure you show up. Accountability. Ugh, that sounds like a four-letter word sometimes. But, showing up is half the battle. If you pay a trainer to meet you at the gym, you are not likely to stand them up. That in and of itself is crucial to your success in meeting your goals at the gym. And the benefits you get are ones that you can see in the mirror!

I like to use the example of working out/exercise because you can see the tangible results when you look in the mirror. It is also something that compounds over time. Break down, repair, repeat. Break down, repair, repeat. Little by little, your muscles grow, and you can see definition in the mirror. You look younger. You feel healthier. Your clothes fit better. It’s a thing!

You may be thinking “Great, thanks Shannon, but I did take P.E. in school… How does all this relate to my business?” Well, I’m glad you asked. Here is how to think about your business like it is your body:

Use stress to build your business muscle. You will feel stress when you own a business. That stress can help you see places in your business you need to improve. Perhaps it’s processes, sales, employees. Use that stress to make a change that can help you grow.

A business coach will help you stay on track for your goals and tweak processes that will spur you on to growth. If you trust your trainer/coach do what they tell you to do, even if you’re cursing them at the same time. It’s their job to get you to build your business.

READ! Take classes, learn best practices and put them into practice.

“Little help” is all you have to say and usually there will be someone close who can “help” you hold the bar as you lift.

Show up in your business every day. No matter how you feel. Showing up is half the battle. You will get the motivation you need just by showing up.

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