You know the rest of the world thinks that working from home is all fun and games. What a luxury. Therefore you should never have any worries…… This couldn’t be further from the truth for most professionals for a myriad of reasons. Most WAH professionals do feel blessed to be able to work out of their pajamas but there is a problem with that too. As with anything, it’s never perfect.

There are so many more options when working from home but you also face challenges that people who work in an office do not face. I have identified 5 of those challenges and how to combat them. (read more here)

  1. Isolation: I was reading a blog this week that said “there is a reason isolation is effective punishment in prison”. I know for a lot of folks being isolated doesn’t affect them and they dig being alone in their home and their thoughts.
    1. But imagine getting out of your normal environment a few hours of each week. What kind of energy can you get from being around other humans? There is so much value in connecting with people face to face that helps make you feel less lonely and more worthwhile.
  2. Motivation challenges: working in a corporate environment or for a “boss” or team, you have deadlines and team members counting on you. What do you do when don’t have those deadlines anymore, it’s all YOU? I was dining with 2 of these professionals who now work from home and they are really struggling with feeling isolated and much less productive.
    1. What if you scheduled time to be in a shared office environment for 1 day per week or a couple of hours on Monday morning to sit down with no distractions and get your goals accomplished without the distractions that home can and does create.
    2. You have gotten dressed, scheduled your time and you’re already moving so you are motivated to keep moving!
  1. Lack of Stimulation: when you are out of your house there is so much more you can experience. The human voice, touch, communication is so important to stay connected with others and with our special purpose on this earth.
    1. If you are in an shared office situation, there are other people there who provide background noise at the very least and often can lead to conversation that stimulates new ideas in your own brain!
  1. Less income than what they are capable of: With the lack of stimulation, motivation and feeling isolated, no wonder some are making much less than what they are capable of!
    1. When you are moving and working toward your goals, getting out among others helps motivate you toward making more income!
  2. Missing Professionalism: I don’t know about you, but when I’m home in my sweat pants and baggy tshirt all I want to do is clean, cook or read a book:)
    1. Why not act the part, even if we don’t “feel” it. How much more ready to take on the world do you feel when you are dressed, organized and you have a place to go? A place where you belong, where you can “leave work at the office”.

Look, we all work a LOT, we work at the house, we work in an office, we work sitting a traffic light, we work while we make dinner. What about having a LIFE! Isn’t that what work is about? We all have work we are supposed to do in the world, but we also have a life outside of work that we are supposed to enjoy, to value, to hold sacred.
I am of the opinion that when you find place to get work done, you will find yourself feeling more motivated. More connected to the world around you, especially to your clients. You will generate more income and have a professional presence that will speak volumes about what you value in your business!