1. Wake up early. When you wake before the rest of the world, you already have a leg up on your day!
  2. Don’t ever let appearances fool you. Coats and ties do not always mean smart and rich. Neither doe flip-flops and shorts mean broke and dumb.
  3. Music is good for the soul and productivity!
  4. If you’re going to dream, you should dream BIG, it takes just as much energy as dreaming small.
  5. Write down your vision and goals. With a pen and paper. It makes it more real.
  6. Run away. Even if it’s only for a couple of hours.
  7. Be present in the moment. With your kids, your parents, your friends. Relationships are more important than anything else in this life.
  8. Be open to what the universe has for you.
  9. Be grateful in all things.
  10. Learn from the crappy things.
  11. Dance alone
  12. Sing to yourself
  13. Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you look great and you’ve got this
  14. Tell your kids how special they are to you. ALWAYS!
  15. Laugh at yourself
  16. Breathe in, Breathe Out. Move On!
  17. Play! And learn from your play
  18. Talk to people smarter than you.
  19. Exercise consistently. It makes you happier and healthier
  20. Learn your love language and the love language of your closet relationships. (spouse, lover, kids, parents)
  21. Read every day (something that makes you smarter)
  22. Get caught up in sports. It’s so great to be all in with “your team” and let your emotions run away with you.
  23. Don’t work alone! CoWork:)
  24. Eat your vegetables
  25. Learn about wine
  26. Learn about the food that you put in your body
  27. Run a race (there is something about training alone to run with thousands of your new friends)
  28. Use business cards, don’t just take them. When you have a business card, follow up, reach out.
  29. When something interests you or your child, dive deeper into it and learn as much as you can.
  30. DON’T accept what the doctor tells you. If you don’t understand, ask more questions, research alternatives, think for yourself.
  31. Say NO, unless your yes is a “HELL YES”! don’t settle because you’re scared.
  32. Drink lots of water
  33. Don’t drink soda
  34. Enjoy your first cup of coffee each day
  35. Love yourself. You were fearfully and wonderfully made for a purpose.
  36. Never stop learning. Take classes as an adult. Learn something new.
  37. Cook for yourself and your family. It’s creative, it’s rewarding and it can be fun
  38. Go to the beach. The waves, sand and sky heal your soul.
  39. Seek joy, seek lessons, seek……
  40. Put your phone down. Be with the people in front of you
  41. Show love. No matter if it’s returned. Love is best when it’s given away
  42. “That which you manifest is before you” Enzo the Dog (The Art of Racing in the Rain)
  43. Don’t apologize or make excuses. You got this! You are amazing and you are loved!