We all complain about driving. The weather is bad, the drivers are stupid, we are stuck behind the slowest person on the planet Earth. Why do people insist on driving in the left lane when they are slow as Christmas?

You get what I’m saying. A couple of months ago I was a witness to a horrible accident where a cyclist went head over heels because of a distracted driver. I watched him fall onto the pavement in a painful and horrible heap. Worse, I heard him hit the pavement and felt it in my bones. So, please DO NOT text and drive. Please do NOT check social media and drive.

I do, however, advocate planning your windshield time (time in traffic, travel time, commute time). We are all busy, we only have so many hours in a day, AND we all have to be in the car to get from one place to another so why not USE that time? I have some ideas for you that might not only help you not be as frustrated while you’re driving but also help you be more productive.

  1. Schedule phone calls with loved ones while you’re driving. I have phone calls with my mom each week and a dear friend. So, I know those 2 mornings each week that I will be cultivating those relationships.
  2. Find podcasts that you love, that motivate you or educate you. Turn those on and listen during your drive.
  3. Listen to audio books. You can listen to any book you want while you’re driving with Audible. I heard one time that the average commuter would have the equivalent of a Ph.D. if they listened to books every day during their commute after 7 years. Can you imagine that?
  4. Do you need the solution to a problem you’re facing? Give yourself “white space” while you’re sitting in traffic. Turn off the music, the noise, the phone, the podcast. Tell yourself you are going to think of solutions during that drive and just let your mind wander. We have an amazing capacity to come up solutions if we only give ourselves permission and opportunity. Your brain will find a way,  a solution if you are intentional and open to it.

Enjoy your next commute!