Have you felt inspired by your family members or friends who’ve gone back to school or uprooted their daily routines to start a new adventure (or venture)? Have you considered the advantages of going “Back to School” and how it may benefit you, your goals, and your future? If so, this is the article for you! Take a look at the four life lessons I learned doing just that.

  1. There are always new things to learn. So many people stop learning after they are done with school, college, etc. But the school should be a place where learning begins and a thirst for knowledge develops. The love of reading, the desire to learn about the world around us. The desire to increase our knowledge about our passion. Take each opportunity presented to you to learn about something. Did someone mention a word you don’t know? Google it! Did you hear about something in the news that caught your attention, research it a bit more?
  2. We have to try new things all the time. There are different classes in school, right? A chance to try something new, or learn a new skill. As adults, we must continue to seek out those opportunities to learn a new skill. Don’t know how to cook? Take a cooking class. Want to delve into investing? Find a class to teach you basic skills. There is something about sitting with a new group of people, learning something new. You develop relationships at the same time as learning a new skill to carry with you!
  3. We can’t always get our way. For my girls, they are concerned about what classes they get, who is in those classes, do they like the teachers, who will they sit with at lunch. It’s not always the exact way they want it. Maybe they get the “bad” teacher for a subject, maybe they don’t have any friends in their class. There are so many things in life that won’t go our way but we CAN choose how we react to those situations.
  4. We are always responsible for how we act, no matter the circumstance. ALWAYS! This one is hard for all of us and we all fall short (in my experience this is almost impossible for a teen) YIKES! As adults circumstances will not always go our way, but if we can take a moment, take control of our thoughts and choose to make the best of our circumstance then we will be able to control our day and create a better day for someone else! Choose each day, each circumstance how you will feel, don’t let your “feelings” choose you.

So, go ahead: Get inspired, find what makes you happy, learn more about yourself, and try new things! There’s no better time than now. And when you do (step out), amazing things will happen!