3 Ways to grow your business without going broke

  1. Get Connected – use social media platforms, networking groups, events and social situations to meet people, to find out how you can add value to their organization, life, career and foster those relationships. These will soon lead to referrals but keep in mind that your goal in becoming connected is figuring out how you can bring value to the other person. Sometimes when we are so focused on our bottom line and our business we forget that we are all human and desire connection and acceptance. Keep this in mind as you are growing. I know you want to add value, so take those extra few moments to really connect in with another person, you never know what road that will lead you on.
  2. Focus on SALES – Forbes Magazine says that as a new business, if 80% of your time isn’t spent on sales then you are not doing it right. Nothing happens in your business until someone makes a sale. What are you doing to sell your product/service EVERY SINGLE DAY? Training, admin, getting organizied….all those things are necessary but they do not grow your business.

One of my favorite books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson. He talks about the small things you do each day to improve and it’s the consistency over time that creates the biggest momentum shift for anything you are trying to accomplish but especially for your business growth. You must focus your daily activities on sales. If people don’t know who you are, or who your company is, how are they going to purchase from you. Make the majority of your day focused on sales! Set aside time in your day, every day to dedicate to sales. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how spectacular your product or service is, if no one buys it! ((Did that resonate with you?))

There are several ways of selling: social media, face to face, calls, networking, etc. The sales process you begin with is not going to be perfect, your product is not going to be perfect. But you must be in the business of sales, if you are a business owner. All too often, I hear from business owners, “oh I want to get “it” just right before I offer it” or “I don’t have time for sales because xyz….” These are legit excuses but excuses none-the-less. Sales are your bottom line, my beautiful friends. Make it your focus every day.

  1. Join a Mastermind Group – Forbes magazine gives several reasons for joining a mastermind group, including a faster learning curve (because you have a group of people who are teaching you what they have already learned). And a growth in your business because you are being held accountable for reaching your goals. There is also a lot to be said for having a group of people who meet on a regular basis and are dedicated to your success! Masterminding is fairly new to most people however, Napoleon Hill first introduced the idea in Think and Grow Rich back in 1937. The best minds in the world have come together at some time during their success to mastermind with others .

We as entrepreneurs understand how lonely this venture can be and we don’t always have access to people who want to help us succeed. who want to sit with us and brainstorm on how to get over a hurdle or make a proposal or give a speech. This is where your mastermind can be so invaluable to you. Have you ever sat around over drinks with a group of friends and someone says something and it immediately “clicks” and you say “OMG, that is brilliant and I am so using that”! That is what a mastermind is. You have facilitated opportunity to get ideas for your business and to help other people grow from your knowledge and experience.

CWL has our next mastermind group coming up in April. Would love to share this great experience with you! Find out more about our mastermind here.